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Our Story:

It all started one night after one of our many shrimping trips to Titusville, FL... As we were driving home, we started thinking about how there were not many companies that were focused on crustaceans. Ideas immediately began flying between us. Why not have a company that promotes its time and money to all of the wonderful crustaceans we all love? From shrimp to crab, crawfish to lobster, and everything in between? Thus, Crustacean Nation was born! If you have any suggestions for apparel or adding any other crustaceans to the list, please let us know.


These stickers go out to all those that hide in the shadows of the dip nets on those cool nights, the ones that pull in the cages and brave the claws, the ones with the ticklers and bags, the ones that throw the cast nets till their arms fall off and of course, the ones that roam the rice fields in Louisiana for those succulent little crustaceans!

They also go out to the ones that just plain like to eat them!!!